“The good kids look up to Travis, the kids in detention look up to the mulisha, and the mulisha looks up to Team World Domination!”-Robyn Dolezsar

Welcome to the domination

*pictured rider is Matt Smith

Skin and Bones Motorsports Team World Domination is a world wide freestyle motocross team with amazing riders. We have riders from Australia and Canada. These kids are here to make a statement to the world.

Team World Domination will have seven riders from seven different countries. If you think you have the balls to dominate and there is not a rider from your country send in pictures and a brief description of yourself with a small trick list. We have one rule, No Posers. If you make it, Represent.



Matt “Smitty” Smith:

Age: 15

Location: Melton,Victoria,Australia

Bike: 2002 Honda CR80 Bigwheel

Years Riding Bikes: 11

Years Riding FMX: 1

Favorite thing about riding: “the enjoyment im getting out of ridin’ and ridin with my mates”

Sponsors: Cracked Ind., Skin and Bones Motorsports

Robyn “Spook” Dolezsar:

Age: 14

Location:Hudson Bay,Saskatchewan,Canada

Bike: 1999 CR125

Years Ridin’: 8

Favorite thing about riding: “eh, Jumping.”

Sponsors: Skin and Bones Motorsports

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