We are working on the site, RACING, RACING, RACING, working on the shop, building ramps, and organizing a really cool even witch you will hear about later.

Project: Skin and Bones [email protected]

We have to do a project for school so we found this thing called [email protected]… Its just a diagnostic program witch looks for alien signals or something… Download it at this place and join our team, To join it click the join button in the top left corner of the screen at this linkTeam Skin and Bones Racing … If you have a slow computer don’t even download it, its a killer for resources…

The ultimate project and Quest

We need all the support we can get. We still need an enclosed trailer and some financial backing. If you scratch our back, well scratch yours, with as many back scratchers we can find. So if you can, Please send us emails and give us moral support! It would also help if we could get some cash or anything you can donate to help the cause. It all goes into the race team and web site work. You can use the paypal link below. Or you can email me and we can work something out. However you want to put it donation, business associates, or however you want to be know. We’d love to put a link to your site on flash lite torch app. Thanks!!!

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