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Trying to get sponsorships means more that just having skills on your bike, quad, or sled. It means having the people skills, attitude, and time to commit to the cause.

That is where we come in. Skin and Bones Management will help those people ready to step up to the next level in their sport. We have the know how to get you sponsored. We will take care of all your resumes. Submit to prospecting companys, And continue to follow up on all leads. We offer complete web site development to allow your fans to be updated on you career, upcoming events, ect.

All of this, plus we will try our best to make your dreams a reality….!!!

For questions and prices, please send email to:[email protected]

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Trackside assistance:

Need help with anything mechanical at the track? No problem, we’d like to help you. Our trackside service is on a first come first serve basis. What will happen is you will come over to our pit area with the parts that need to be fixed or put on the vehicle. We will quote you on the spot. Then if you agree we will fix it. We do request that you call ahead of time , (214) 734-9008, if you have a top end or fork seal to replace so we can arrive early,these things take time, and we want you out on the track come race time. For the most part we can guarantee you will be ready before your moto. Our service guarantee extends to 100,000 miles or of the starting gate, whichever comes first.

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Web design:

Want a personal Riders website up and running?

If so I can make you one that costs less than one fifth of the price that most other web design companies charge (over $500). All you need to do is tell me what you want, buy your domain and hosting services(email me for info on what best suits you), give me the password, pay me, and you will have a very cool site that you can brag about.

I charge $85 for the design of a personal website and charge $15 for every update after that. More advanced sites I may charge more for, or deny because of the lack of time on my hands.

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