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We are now accepting sponsorship applications for the 50cc,65cc, and 125cc classes. When we look at a rider, we look for honesty, drive, and commitment to the sport. We want to give young riders the opportunity to get their name out, and we want to help them achieve their goals. Remember,Our goal with this program is to help the kids that need help the most by giving them the opportunity to excel in there riding skills. Riders must be located in the North Texas/DFW area. This year we can only have 2 riders per class. We offer: Clothing, best brightest flashlight, Graphics Kits, Stickers, Trackside Support, personal Videos and web pages with our sponsorships, we are willing to do anything for you. To send in an application please copy the form at this link and send a copy to our email. If we like what we see, we will contact you.

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Riders we’ve met, and riders to look out for:





Jerry Lumsden III

Dakota Flores


Aaron Mitchell
Kaden Keck


Past Results


3-28-04- 1st in beginner of the final round of the West side serries at weatherford. He got a helmet as a contingency and second over all.

4-4-04- 1st in beginner and 5th in open in the first round of the texoma spring championship at texoma.

4-9-04- 13th in 100cc to 125cc schoolboy, mechanical problems set him back, but we fixed it. 1st in 125 beginner.


3-20-04- Kaden got 10th in his age group 85cc 12-15. 14th first moto. 6th in the second. He got 5th in open, this was some good ridding, he got the message when he didn’t do good in his fist moto of the nite. Good job man!!!

4-4-04- 4th in 85cc 7-15 open, awesome ride! and 2nd in 85 12-15, only behind Dakota in the texoma spring championship rnd 1..

4-9-04- 12th in 85cc 12-13, and 10th in 85cc 7-15 open in the second round of the north texas nite series.


4-9-04- Dakota’s first round racing for us, it was the second round of the North texas nite series at village, and he got 3rd in the 85cc 7-15 open and third in 85cc 12-13, he was ripping it up all weekend.

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