Update Logs

Update logs:

5-4-04- Hey yall. Another long week… Sorry I haven’t been updating the site. What a surprise, JJ still has 2 broke arms. To my knowledge everything else with Skin and Bones Racing is Ok. Team World domination is trying to expand. I’ve been helping spook (Robyn) with with metal ramp stuff. He should be finishing his by the end of this week. He is pumped because he can ride, its only like -2 out and it hasn’t snowed in a few days! Crazy!!! I started a new website at http://www.texasmotox.com/ ,Check it out! Anyways finals are coming up, everyone has good grades and we are ready for summer. I’ve uncovered pics from the old days, The dune trips, the blury pics or me riding mom took, good times! I guess its Z-50 time! Peace, Keith, Braaaaap!

4-29-04- JJ got his surgery monday night. He went home Tuesday nite. He is at home watching TV and I bet he has tried to play the X box by now. I have’nt talked to him since the hospital on Tuesday nite. Hopefully I will see him this weekend and give yall an update. Thank you for the IM’s and E-mails from you guys. I really mean it.

4-26-04-Well what a weekend, Badlands was cancelled. Nocona was on. Dakota Raced his new Suzuki RMZ250 in the novice class. He Did well. Kaden did awsome again. JJ got first in beginner and did good all day untill practice. On his next to last lap of the day he came over the Finnish line, tensed up,landed fine, but ate it. When they got to him he was bleeding from the helmet and head profusely. He picked himself up and they got him to the ground. He was complaining his arms were numb and he thought they were broke. Thats an understatement. He broke both of his arms on the landing and his head hit the bars. His right arm from about the middle of the lower arm to his fingers is shattered. And his left is almost dislocated and forced all of the way to his palm. I have some pics of him at the hospital. He severed an artery in his head and thats what caused him to bleed so much, the stitched it up at nocona hospital then transferred him to Baylor, thats where we spent the nite, I’m headed back up there soon, I’ll keep you updated.

4-17-04 Dallas supercross tonight, cant wait, We got another group member, B.J. makes the 18th member. Welcome. Anyway we got the results up. Stanhope gets his licence monday. We are now offering more rider services, and discounts to the first customer, check them out, we actually want to help. I’ve been told I need to update the site, so here it is, more later I guess. Peace out.

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4-11-04 What a weekend, We’d like to welcome our new 85cc rider Dakota Flores #303. This kid is fast, and we will help him as much as we can! Dakota did well in all his classes, as always, Kaden did really well!!! he got the dirty dozen down and was hauling but on bike #42, he blew is up at practice on Friday. JJ showed us he is ready to advance, and put in a hard few days of work. On behalf of all of us, we would like to thank our readers for the encouragement. Be sure to look into the riders services. More updates later, I promise, I will get the results up!

4-9-04 Whew, sorry for the long delay. Its been busy! I think all of us are ready for summer so we can have more time to work on everything. I haven’t been updating the results or anything like that, been way to busy, I’ll do it, I promise. Racing has been hectic, but we are getting good results. Last weekend at badlands we did a complete top end on JJ’s bike in between motos, in under 35 min. We did it all and it turned out the main jet came un-loose in the carb, oh well. Hopefully some of this work will pay off, thats life eh? Well, of to the races at Village Creek, wish us luck!

3-24-04 How are you guys doing. Its been a few days, a lots happend. I’ve been working my but off on the site, cant you tell? We got another group rider from Canada. A Big welcome to Jarvis Cleaveley. JJ is not putting out worth beans, so I had to slap him around a bit. We hope he steps it up this weekend. Kaden- keep it up! This coming weekend will be crazy. Last night (tuesday) the nice guys at pit pass radio gave a huge shout out to us at the end of the show. I also got to communicate to Ricky Carmichael (my childhood idol) and Wonder Warthog Racing. Thanks guys, keep up the great, quality work. Guys check the webcast out, especially the very end on their site.

3-18-04 Skin and Bones is Growing fast! We have three more group riders, this makes a total of 16 in three different countrys. Our newest member is Matt Smith. Check out his pics in the photo gallery. We are getting great results from our Race team. JJ is flying and is doing great. Kaden is doing awsome and giving good consistant results. Aaron is still out with a broken Leg. Minor details are getting us here and there, but hey, Its been a good first few months. Smell ya later.

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