Meet the Staff:

Keith Higgins:

Owner/General Manager- 4 years exp. Specializes in public relations, managing, and keeping the company in line.


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A little info on me:

Image result for Motorsports rider Keith HigginsMy name is Keith Higgins. I am the creator of Skin and Bones! I am 15 years old and live in Dallas, Texas. I was born in California. I got into the motocross scene when I got to ride my friends DRZ125L in early 2000. It was really lame, but I wanted more! Then my friend got a CR80. I had to have one, but my mom said no way. I raised $2500 and picked up two Honda Odyssey’s. I then fixed them up myself and sold them off for $3500. I got my CR80 and history was made. Anyhow, lots of vehicles went through my garage and I got hooked on racing along with mechanics, I like fixing stuff. Almost a year later a bought a 2001 CR125. I’ll tell you, that bike could jump. I ended up breaking my arm, and dislocating my knee on a a 130′ gattorback. I came up short about 3 feet and went flying after my bike broke into pieces. I ended up with a nice scar, 6 screws and a plate in my arm. My second week back, I broke out my old 80 for some riding and ended up laying it down after a small double. My fork seals blew and the bars Jack knifed out of my arms. I tore my PLC, ACL, and MCL in my knee. Surgery went well. That was when my mom made me “retire from riding”. I could’nt stand being away from what I love so much, so I concentrated SNB. I talked to Stanhope and we got things rolling, I’ve thought him everything he knows. Anyway I Like 4×4’s, Bikes, and anything with an engine (except rice burners and lowriders). My friends and anyone who has seen me ride say I’m F’ing crazy and have no fear. I like heavy metal and punk rock and bands such as System Of a Down and pantera. I love Girls, especially ones who don’t mind getting dirty on the trail. Email me, I’ll get back to ya!

Stanhope Denegre:

Shop Bum (aka Head Mechanic) -nearly 1 year exp. Specializes in metalwork,and customizing rides.

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A little info on me:

Image result for Stanhope DenegreHey, I’m Stanhope Denegre Jr. I am 15 years old. My dream truck is a Chevy 2500hd with a duramax, 4 door long bed 5 speed,8′ lift with 38′ super swampers, k&n; intake system, 4′ exhaust pipe,a whole new sound system, CB/pa system, diablo programer, cawl induction hood, banks power, ranch hands front and back with a head ache rack etc…….My actual truck is a stock 96 Chevrolet suburban (not stock for long) plans for the burb- over sized pro comp mud terrains, sound system, custom dual exhaust, ranch hands, CB/pa,k&n;, programer, cal induction hood(maybe) and possibly a body lift like 2 to 3 inches……..I like country, classic rock, heavy rock music. Heres a little info on my life. I grew up in New Orleans, I liked it but the trucks, bikes, and cars where not as big as in texas. So when I came to Texas my love for motors became so great. I came to talkin with Keith one day on an airplane ride back home from a school trip. We started to discuss Skin and Bones and I wanted to help get it going. So we’ve been working to get it up, I have only lived in Texas for 4 years but love Texas to death. And I love chevys, they are mainly the only transportation I like for trucks. Keith and I go to high-school together, at Shelton High-school. But we both love to work on bikes and trucks. My hobbies are working on cars, trucks, bikes or any thing with a motor. I play football and love it. Also I play basket ball and throw the shotput and diskus in track and field. I also love girls. Mainly country girls but also city girls. My favorite quote is: “If you can’t dodge it, Ram it.”. You can email me anytime.

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