85cc Riders

Aaron Mitchell: 85cc Rider (injured list w/ broken leg)

Age: 15

City: Weatherford, TX

Racing Bike: 2002 Rm 85

Racing Class: 85cc beginner

Racing number: 3

Years Riding: 2.5

Years Racing: 1 month

Favorite Motocross Track: Holeshot Valley

Favorite thing about racing: the way time slows down and speeds up at the same time

Sponsor(s): Skin and Bones Motorsports, Motorex USA

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Kaden Keck: 85cc Rider

Age: 13

City: Nocona,TX

Racing Bike: 2003 RM85

Racing Class: 85cc sr

Racing number: 426

Years Riding: 2

Years Racing: 1

Favorite Motocross Track: Badlands MX/Nocona MX <coments: “someday=”” i’d=”” like=”” to=”” be=”” a=”” profesional=”” motocross=”” racer.=”” i=”” have=”” broken=”” both=”” of=”” my=”” collarbones=”” in=”” less=”” then=”” year.”=””>

Sponsor(s): Nocona MX, Skin and Bones Motorsports

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Carreer highlights:

2nd overall in the 2003 ArenaCross Serries 85cc beginer

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