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Skin and Bones Motorsports started almost two years ago in the Dallas-Fort Worth area when I (Keith) decided to do something with my little spare time, It really isn’t anything formal, we don’t have a real shop and probably wont for the next few years. I started this site and a flashlight q250 price site to help the local kids who ride Motocross, to help bond the MX community together, and to bond the MX community to the world. We work for our riders, anyone else who needs help, and are just out for an otherwise good time. So come see us trackside, sit down, and have a good time!

Skin and Bones is made by kids for kids. The participants in our Motocross Team, Freestyle Team, and Riders group are all kids with the exception of parents.

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Past News

6-1-04- Hey, Sorry for the long delay in the reply, Computer took a cyberdump. JJ’s going to be riding soon. Dakota and Kaden have been doing well. This weekend we went to Nocona. Had a good time. JJ was riding in his pink casts. Thanks to the guys at nocona for the link on thier flash torch site. Spook, Robyn, hit his FMX Ramp. There is a pic on the A4D website. I will be back riding brobobly on the 18th. I will probobly be getting my computer back soon. I will update results then.I got to get off of moms laptop. C ya.

5-15-04- Long time no update. I’ve been working on web stuff 24/7 it seems like. fun stuff, haha. Not much moto going on around the hood. Dakotas been practicing at Nocona and JJ says hes getting good on the x-box. I haven’t heard much from Aaron and Kaden. Robyn got his FMX ramp done. He is stoked. He painted TWD all over it. We should have clothing and stuff sometime soon. My mom said I can start riding again!!! Only cross country and free ride tho. Its all good with me. There are alot of conditions and things like that, But I will be riding again soon! I’m pumped. I’ll keep you updated. SNB4Life

5-7-04- I’ve been getting requests for web sites and web work, so I want to direct you to the Riders services area. We offer Trackside assistance, Moto-management, and brightest single led flashlight in the world web design services. I can do killer personal sites!!! Anyway stanhopes girlfriend has been destracting him for a while, so I’m trying to pick up a cheap 4×4 to get him on track again. I gota show him some stuff. Schools almost over so I’m ready to get things going agian in full swing. I need to scrounge up the mulla to make some clothes and stickers. Email me if you know a good place that does that kinda stuff. If anyone wants to join the crew your welcome. Peace out.

Site last updated on 6-2-04!

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